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This section contains the various documents, agreements, handbooks and other relevant information to help answer most of your questions.

Collective Agreements

Constitution (PTU)

PTU Delegates

Rules of Order

Continuing Education

Summary – Regulation Respecting Teaching Licenses (Voc Training)

CPNCA/QPAT Application Guide – Teacher’s Workload (Adult Education)

CPNCA/QPAT Application Guide – Teacher’s Workload (Vocational Training)

Youth Sector

CPNCA/QPAT – Guide New Workload Provisions – Youth Sector

2023-2024 Directives – Full-Time Kindergarten for 4-year-olds


ECAs and VAR

Evaluation and Reporting

Governing Board

Health & Safety


MEQ Documents

Annual Directives – General Education in the Youth Sector

New Teachers

Parental Rights

Professional Improvement

Retirement and Pension Plan

School Council

Sick Leaves and Salary Insurance

Special Needs

School Board Parity and School Level Special Needs Committees

Staffing Process